Waving Familiar Torches

Waving Familiar Torches

The only thing better
than a lack of introspection
is its total absence.

Make an oath,
pledge allegiance,
join a frat.
Find a formation
to march in,
another war to wage.

Faith in the flag provides
a visceral satisfaction
even one God
denies believers.

Our Father knows what
is in your heart
before you speak
but what is that worth
if you refuse corroboration.

You rarely need to face
your self alone if there’s
always someone in the house
to share your mirror.

Threats are posed
by new neighbors.
What virtue is more
valuable than security?

Let our opinion be yours,
why formulate your own.
Instead, just live your life.

We need our country back,
only fools disagree.
Who needs to explain
what to change?

Worry now
about life or death.
We’ve identified
who to fear.

They’re easy to find.
Their skin’s a different color,
their accent’s not the same.
Their diaspora
invades our home.

What they call hatred,
we call patriotism,
we’re ready to
do anything
to keep safe.

The closer they get
to my lawn, the worse
my children’s future seems.

I’ll not just get
more guns but support
politicians promising laws
like real leaders
used to pass when
America was great
and anyone could
buy lynching souvenirs.

Righteousness is glory.
We sacrifice for the good
of our dwindling many.
Everyone’s a hero here.
Just stay in line.

Remain immune
to the irony
of ridiculing Prometheus,
again freshly bound
waving familiar torches
so his suffering cannot hide
and all Olympus can see
our flames of tribute.

Their wealth requires
keeping prejudice pure,
unhindered by stolen knowledge.

                                                                            2016 — Copyright Held By Author