World (Elvis Poem)


Elvis’s hair obeyed his head. His lips could curl, snarl with

desire and compassion. He wanted to believe what his parents

told him. Validated Rock and Roll by serving in the army.

Faith in the Assembly of God, driving a Cadillac in the

everlasting image of the resurrected Jesus Christ. Sent him

to Hollywood then Vegas. Died beyond the stage, lost in a drugged

stupor of someone else’s greed.


Copyright held by author.

Note by author: I wrote this in 1993 I think. I had been an Elvis fan for a long and was working on an Elvis-related project that never reached fruition, but required I research Elvis, dozens of books. I decided to post it after watching the 2017 documentary, The King: The Rise & Fall of Elvis Presley, a great film that not only I thoroughly enjoyed but touched on themes I’ve often thought about in relationship to the life and art of Elvis. I found in the archive and decided to post it on this, the portfolio website.