One Life and You

One Life and You

Live your life, you only get one. We’re born knowing the difference between your one life and you, but not the distance.

That life here, here in the world, seems like one if you only consider atmosphere, water or land. Maybe the moon, nearby planets.

No say whatsoever about family or their social class – only some friends but not others – nor colleagues or neighbors or the strangers that mattered.

Still recognize your life?  That’s the one, at least it’s yours. Generally speaking.

Nation, history and culture mold each of us.  Own the context, own your life, they want you to believe.  But continue diminishing your expectations.

The information you need to survive one life hides in plain sight, anywhere yet everywhere. Whisper key words, I’ll start the search.

But until you better define information you’ll never discover that inner perfection where fact and truth overlap.

Now look at your identification, check your phone.  Tell me your zip code and your favorite band. Bet I know how you take your eggs.

We trust that meaning exists beyond the fact this one life can be yours or mine. Yet how can we specify what cannot be debated when we need to discuss some of everything?

Dichotomies can fool the heart with desire but always fall short of relieving the yearning in the mind.  No one can prove if duality is eternal balance or momentarily parallel.

Ying & Yang need each other to be any sort of circle. Together they are more than one but not as much as you.

Is this when I say seize the day? Only what you make of your one life counts. Don’t give up, don’t give in.

I am unable to compose any encouragement if you carefully plan each week of the year while insisting we live in the moment.  Fate is no mentor.

We exist as seer and seen, mirror and reflection… never quite sure which one is you and which is your one life.


Copyright 2018/Held  by  Timothy Herrick